WHY I DO WHAT I DO As I’m not in the business of perfection, working with clay seemed like a great new career choice for me. Having worked with architecture and interior design for decades (obviously not a spring chicken anymore), both in the U.S. and in Sweden, I finally had it with the building industry and the sitting in front of the computer all the time. Started an import business. Found some stoneware plates I really liked, even tracked down the producer, then thought “hey, I can probably learn how to make these myself”. Went to ceramics classes, made even better plates than the ones I first saw, assembled a pottery studio in my basement with all used equipment, started BadAss and here we are! I’m not in a basement anymore, but in a big and beautiful studio in Höganäs, the Mecca of pottery in Sweden. I also keep a photo studio and a little shop with all kinds of pretty things for the home, mostly brought here from the Mediterranean countries - because there really is no need to haul things from the other side of earth.

EVERYDAY WORK So, I’m happily walking around in my clay- and glaze spattered jeans every day, being creative and working with my hands. Well, almost every day, I still take on a few, fun and well-chosen interior design and architectural projects here and there. On those days I have to dress better and be somewhat cleaned up and well-mannered. This part of my business is called The Black Lounge (webpage will be up soon). I also manage two online shops - and - and I run our physical store in Höganäs, Sweden, which we keep open on a pop-up-kind-of-basis. More so in the summer season and around the holidays. Lots of time is of course spent behind the camera (with some help from Alec of Burning Flamingo) photographing our products. I’m always on the lookout for mutually good and inspirational cooperations with other artists, chefs, bloggers, magazines, and other professional interior designers and architects.

MY INSPIRATIONS Inspiration comes from all sorts of places and people. The ocean, the beaches and the woods where I live, my big, rowdy and creative family, my awesome husband and business partner, other ceramicists and artists, travels. The ceramic pieces I make are a reflection of all of this and of my current mindset; imperfect and a tad bit badass!

Peace & Love / Lotta