Spectacular food and great tableware go hand in hand! A meal out should always be an extraordinary experience, whether it’s a fine-dining special occasion on a Saturday night, a lingering breakfast in a get away hotel or just a quick bite to eat on a Wednesday lunch.

Long gone are the days when chefs settled for standardized, plain tableware without soul. Not only does handmade tableware complement and enhance every painstakingly thought out culinary dish, it can also turn up the visual volume alongside your well-designed interiors and even give that special feeling of extra care for the visitors in your restaurant.

Whether you want to “do the whole thing”, starting from scratch or replacing “everything”, or if you just need to complement your existing tableware setup with a few pieces, we’ll work with you. You can pick and choose from our existing assortment and/or we can customize according to your needs and wants. We’ll discuss our way through designs, colors and areas of use until we come up with amazing tableware concept for your restaurant.



Handmade ceramics take time. Depending on the size of the order, the ideal time frame from initial contact, through the design phase and production is anywhere from two to four months. Smaller orders of just a few pieces take about 1-2 months to complete.

Prices on this website are for the private market, commercial clients get special pricing reflecting the size of the order and whether they are repeat clients ordering on a regular basis.

We ship internationally.