THE MATERIAL All of our ceramic products are made of stoneware, a very hard and durable clay, perfectly safe for the dishwasher, oven and micro. They’re also safe to eat on and won’t react to foods with high acidity content, like lemon juice, vinegar or wine (if you happen to spill it, god forbid). Keep in mind that handmade stoneware plates and bowls are slightly heavier than, say, machine-produced porslin ones and that the really, really matte glazes can be a little scratchy. But, if you ask me, that’s the charm!

THE PROCESS OF MAKING CERAMICS You may skip this part if you want, it’s a little long and detailed… Every ceramic plate, cup and bowl goes through the same manufacturing process, which takes anywhere from 12-20 days mainly depending on drying time. You begin by working the clay, kneading it by hand or, when you want to recycle clay scraps and failures at the pottery wheel, through a pugmill - a really weird looking machine. Each lump of clay is then weighed on a scale before it either gets turned on the pottery wheel, slab rolled and put in a mold, or coiled together into a shape. These are the methods used in our studio. The pieces then dry for about a day before they get their bottoms trimmed, cup handles put on, foot rings turned etc. After that they have to dry for at least a week. At this stage they are called green ware. Next they get bisque fired in the kiln to about 950 degrees Celsius/ centigrades.. Then comes my “favorite” part; glazing, the most tedious task in the entire process if you ask me. After glazing, the pieces are glaze fired to about 1250-1260 degrees. Just the two firings alone take about four days in the kiln. A certain percentage of the ceramic goods don’t make it through this long process and have to either go on the “cheapy shelf” in our store, come and live in my kitchen or get thrown away.

WHY ARE HANDMADE CERAMIC PRODUCTS PRICIER THAN MACHINE MADE ONES? Because of the long and involved manufacturing process just described. Combined with the unique designs and small scale of the studio, the process of the handmade will never get the same industrial efficiency of a machine operated assembly line. Our advice, with a wink to a more climate-friendly lifestyle; buy better, and thus pricier, but buy less and make it last!

HOW COME EACH PIECE DIFFERS A LITTLE FROM THE NEXT? Simple answer; that’s the nature of the handmade. The pieces may be slightly uneven, not exactly the same size or color and they probably come in limited editions. But slightly uneven stacks of plates or cups on your kitchen shelves is the trademark for personality, individuality, charm and love. We certainly don’t do perfect!

WHAT HAPPENS IF I START COLLECTING A SPECIFIC PLATE AND THEN IT’S NOT PRODUCED ANYMORE? Then you bring your plate in, or take a picture of it, and we’ll make more just for you. We’ll work it out.

IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE TO SEND BREAKABLE CERAMICS IN THE MAIL? YES! Stoneware is super durable and with careful packing it doesn’t break. We only use packing material reused from shipments coming to us, and when that’s not available we use recycled materials. Please reuse or recycle any packing material!

SPECIAL GIFTS & GIFT CERTIFICATES For gift certificates e-mail us and we’ll send you one. Just fill out the contact form or e-mail us at If you want a custom made ceramic gift for a wedding couple, a newborn, a graduate, a retiree, or someone turning 50, we’ll be happy to make it for you.

SPECIAL ORDERS Restaurants, chefs, food bloggers/influencers and other professionals are always welcome to discuss your special tableware requests with us.

DISCOUNTS For regular private mortals: Yes! If you buy a whole set (10) of the same item, for example dinner plates or mugs, you get a 10% discount on your entire order, including other items ordered in the same shipment. Also if the total amount of your order exceeds 4000 kr SEK. Enter code “WHOLESET” at the checkout.

For professional chefs, restaurants, resellers, bloggers and influencers: DM for inquiries and pricelists.

DELIVERY TIME We keep a limited stock and most items are made to order. If not in stock delivery time may vary from 2-5 weeks. You’ll always get an e-mail if anything in your order isn’t in stock and then we’ll make it, and get it to you, as fast as we possibly can. Even though we prefer to be kind(er) to earth and send the whole order in one shipment, you can always make a request to have the items that are in stock get shipped to you right away. You will then pay for the extra shipping costs for the out-of-stock items.

SHIPPING & RETURNS We ship worldwide but customers outside of Sweden need to place their orders via e-mail instead of the webshop, Shipping is paid for by the customer. Even though the products in most cases are made to order just for you, we accept returns, but the cost of return shipping will be paid for by the customer and the products need to be unharmed and not used. If any of the items are broken (despite careful packing it can happen with ceramics, though extremely rarely) you’ll get a new one sent to you asap. If the packaging is visibly damaged don’t except the delivery, have it sent back and we’ll get you a new shipment.

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