FLOW Dinner plate-bowl

FLOW Dinner plate-bowl


What’s a plate-bowl? My interpretation is a dinner plate, which also can be used as a bowl. Perfect for dishes that require some serious edges, like a big salad, a messy Tagliatelle carbonara al salsiccia, a vegetarian chickpea stew-soup or a heap of mashed potatoes with a hearty boeuf bourguignon. Also as a serving bowl on the side.

Flow is a series of handbuilt tableware. Every piece is uniquely uneven in its shape. They are stackable and can be mixed with all of our other tableware. Color Pebble gray/green may vary from pewter gray to gray with specks of greenish tones. Stoneware. Dishwasher, micro and oven safe. Made to order. 

Diameter: 25-27 cm

Height: 4-6 cm

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